We put in the sweat for you the same way you do for your craft.

You are invested in your know-how and deserve to be at the forefront.
We root for artisans like you, in love with your know-how and focused on your art, offering the world your passion and honesty.

You welcome us to your workshops, restaurants and galleries.
Bring to life the techniques that create objects, shapes, colors that will be remembered when fashions have passed.

We created Pink House Studio to transform products into brands that live up to the beauty you shape every day.

More impact for your business,

Building a strong brand is the best thing you can do for your business.
It's the key to maximising all your future investments.
It's the secret of brands who don't have to relentlessly pay millions in ads to fuel their prospect list.

We're here to empower you with a vision and tools.
When you rooted in your brand, navigating the evolutions of your craft, business and market with clarity becomes easy peasy.

The best players in town, just for you.

We don't believe in one-size-fits all.

Meeting the right team is a beautiful blend of skills and vibe, and we want you to fall in love with us as much as we'll fall in love with you - candidly.

Our staffing model is uniquely designed to assemble teams of star strategists, project managers and creatives best suited for your project.

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The face behind the door

After 12+ years working for renowned Parisian agencies, art director-turned-strategist Sarah Scherrer started to dream of creating a space like no other, where she could pour her heart and soul into doing things her way, along with a team of passionate people sharing her values.
The Pink House Studio is a personal project as much as a professional one, animated by the will to achieve more for her customers with a fresh approach to marketing consulting, and the desire to have as much fun as possible doing so.

How we roll


“If you don’t ruffle any feathers, you don’t carry enough wind to fly.”

We love ideas that create strong reactions.

If we are too comfortable with an idea, it is because it does not have the potential to move the needle.

Excellence and courage go hand in hand to promise our clients to emerge and be loved in an ever more competitive world.


“It’s the head that seeks, but it’s the hand that finds”

In the studio we find artisans of words, systems, images, concepts and mechanics.

Passionate people working for passionate people.

People who like to sculpt stories and create a dialogue between images.


Asking good questions is essential to finding good answers.

We are convinced that we receive what we give. More than empty benevolence, we believe in looking at every new project with fresh eyes by remaining ever-curious.

Consideration and respect put us on an equal footing with our customers. Neither false humility, nor hidden disdain. Just good partnerships.


Gotta have fun while you're at it.

Being seriously good doesn't mean we have to be stuck up about it and take ourselves seriously.

We've always found that the less attitude people give, the more genuine what they do.

We like it that way.

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